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Producer Services

How useful would it be to have a full-time energy expert managing your gas marketing and scheduling? How about a team of energy professionals and support staff?

Mercator Energy is not a gas marketer. Mercator is a producer’s broker-agent. Because we are not a marketer purchasing your natural gas, we retain the same level of objectivity as the producer. Our knowledge of downstream pipeline and market conditions allows us to capture the highest price for your natural gas while providing experienced, professional gas control services. In addition to unbiased objectivity, Mercator stresses service, a commodity that is all but forgotten by today’s mega-sized gas marketing companies.

As your natural gas broker, Mercator’s service offerings include but are not limited to the following:

-Early stage analysis of gathering, processing, and downstream pipeline interconnect and market opportunities for undeveloped acreage

-Nominate and schedule natural gas under gathering and/or transportation agreements

-Review and negotiate contract proposals for gathering, processing, and interstate pipeline firm transportation

-Track regional price trends

-Monitor daily and monthly gas production to protect customers from potential imbalance penalties


Mercator Energy provides economical and reliable natural gas scheduling, gas control, and outsourced gas marketing services. By providing these services, Mercator’s producer clients can focus on those issues more critical to their company’s success. Mercator’s professional management provides true piece of mind for its customers.

We are a small company which enables us to provide natural gas producers with the individual attention they need to be successful players in the industry. We help producers obtain the best possible price for their production while reducing operational costs resulting in favorable financial results. On our producers behalf, we know the right questions to ask of any potential counterparty.

Just a few of the other services Mercator Energy can assist natural gas producers with are: hedging strategies, long-term gas sales (3+ years), imbalance trading, and invoicing downstream purchasers for produced gas.


Mercator Energy Producer Gas Sales/Administrative Summary

Mercator's Producer/Administrative Summary