End-User Services : Mercator Energy

End-User Services

How useful would it be to have a full-time expert managing your energy procurement? How about a team of professionals and support staff? You may already be taking steps to control your energy costs, but there may be more opportunities you are not aware of.


Outsource and Maintain Objectivity:

Mercator Energy LLC functions as a end-user’s procurement agent. Because we are not a marketer selling you gas to meet our sales quotas and generate a profit margin, we can retain the same level of objectivity as the customer. We can help you choose form a number of supply options. We are not just selling you a commodity. Mercator stresses service, an approach that is all but forgotten by today’s mega-sized gas marketing companies.

As your procurement agent, Mercator analyzes the natural gas market from a macro-perspective, identifying all potential supplier, pipeline transportation, and utility cost savings. Working with you as your outsourced “employee”, we will design a customized plan to reduce your natural gas burner tip cost. Mercator keeps customers informed of macro and micro issues that can impact their burner tip cost.

Mercator has one primary goal in mind: obtaining the most economical and reliable has supply for our end-user customer base, something most marketers, whose focus is on the bottom line, are not inclined to do. By working with Mercator Energy, our customers can be secure in knowing industry professionals are managing their natural gas needs with a focus on the customer’s bottom line.



Mercator’s experience in end-user procurement services and pipeline transportation is extensive. We have managed the gas purchasing function for more than 85 industrial and commercial facilities throughout the country. Our team of industry professionals has handled all aspects of natural gas procurement, from the wellhead to the burner tip.

Mercator handles all aspects of the gas purchasing transaction: natural gas procurement, transportation, daily and monthly balancing, and accounting services. Mercator nominates and schedules natural gas supplies, and contracts for storage and transportation on connecting pipelines on behalf of our customers. We monitor daily and monthly gas consumption to protect out customers from potential imbalance penalties.


Market Responsiveness:

Mercator also monitors daily, weekly, and monthly interstate and utility pipeline prices and maintains a database of historical pricing information for more than 40 delivery points in order to track historical pricing trends and evaluate supply offers. Mercator also monitors natural gas futures prices on an up-to-the-minute basis, through real-time access to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). In addition, MErcator can help tis end-user customers through the myriad of financial hedging options and tools designed to limit exposure to future natural gas commodity price swings.

Our professionals closely monitors the market for industry trends that will impact short and long term natural gas prices for our clients. From a regulatory standpoint, Mercator continuously monitors interstate, intrastate and utility tariff filings and industry deregulation initiatives to provide our customers with accurate information for their strategic planning efforts.


Administrative Services:

Mercator analyzes billing histories to ensure that you are making full use of every energy dollar spent.

We look for errors, transportation refund opportunities, and the proper application of rates. Acting as your agent, Mercator can provide centralized accounting services to help you reduce your transaction costs. We will receive and verify utility invoices for each facility, detect and help correct payment errors, and seek refunds for transportation overcharges, as necessary.