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About Us


Mercator Energy LLC, located in Littleton, CO, has been providing a wide variety of energy services to western U.S. natural gas producers and end-users since 1993.  John Harpole, Mercator’s founder and owner, managed natural gas purchasing requirements for General Electric facilities located throughout the United States during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  That hands-on experience led to a comprehensive knowledge of natural gas interstate pipeline dynamics and regional pricing differentials.

Mercator acts as a natural gas broker for its producer and end-user customers in addition to managing several natural gas gathering systems.  Mercator currently handles all aspects of the gas purchasing transaction for its end-use customers and gas sales transactions for its natural gas producer customers.  Those services include, but are not limited to the following: natural gas procurement, transportation, balancing, and administrative services.  Mercator nominates and schedules natural gas supplies, and contracts for storage and transportation on interstate pipelines and utilities on behalf of our customers and third parties within the gathering systems.  We monitor daily and monthly gas consumption to protect our customers from potential pipeline imbalance penalties.  Mercator also provides extensive audit services related to natural gas and electric consumption.  These services keep Mercator constantly exposed to the current market and knowledgeable on natural gas industry issues.

Mercator Energy’s goal is to provide its customers with unbiased objectivity while stressing service, two commodities that are all but forgotten by today’s natural gas marketing companies.

Mercator also offers strategic consulting services on large projects i.e. LNG facilities, underground natural gas storage fields, greenfield industrial plant siting, and natural gas infrastructure required for exploration projects.