Mercator Energy
Our knowledge of downstream pipeline and market conditions allows us to capture the highest price for your natural gas while providing experienced, professional gas control services. We assist with early stage analysis and market opportunities for undeveloped acreage, natural gas scheduling/ transportation agreements, negotiating contract proposals, tracking regional price trends, and monitoring gas production to protect customers from imbalance penalties.
Mercator Energy seeks to assist end-use customers with an objective point-of-view and provide the best customer service. We currently handle all aspects of the gas purchasing transaction for our end-use customers. This includes research into effective gas procurement, cost-minimized transportation, gas balancing, and administrative services. We also provide extensive audit services related to natural gas and electric consumption.
We also provide consulting services designed to aid with the implementation of specific energy-related projects. This includes market evaluation studies examining pipeline capacity analysis, marketing and gathering options, financial hedge consulting, volumetric production payments, and revenue recovery projects. One recent project involved the conversion of a depleted natural gas reservoir into a natural gas storage facility. We will customize your project to fit your needs.